Whitening IV Drips

by Kan

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Glow inside and out, healthily.

A healthier booster for your skin to gain an extra glow.


  • Hydration and skin whitening for everyone
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Reduces free radicals and toxins in your blood
  • Improve liver health, increase metabolism
  • Enhance immune system and micro circulation within your body
  • Reduces the dark color of melasma, help with skin pigmentations
  • Help rebalance your hormone, reduce hormone-related acne


  • Treatment time is short – get your skin brightening therapy within half hour to an hour.
  • You may resume normal activities right after the treatment, it does not interfere with study, work or daily activities.
  • Requires intravenous treatments with 8 weekly sessions to see the result, monthly maintenance is recommended, especially for darkened or damaged skins caused by sun exposure.
  • We will spend time on understanding your skin conditions to give you the most relevant suggestions regarding the whitening need specially for you.
  • You may also take the advantage of combo treatments including treatments that require equipment, other injections and/or dermatologist recommended supplements and skincare products to boost the result and maintain it.
  • Our personalized client service team will regularly follow up after each treatment, we will assist you all the way to achieve your skin’s ultimate best!