PRP for Hair Loss

by Kan

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Stop the disappointing. Heal. Restore, and Grow.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP), as a simple and straightforward method, can effectively reverse and prevent hair loss, especially for early stage. PRP uses patient’s own blood platelets to restore scalp health, it aims to induce blood circulation in the affected areas, heal damaged hair follicles, and restore a healthy thick head of hair for the patient.


  • All natural, safe and suitable for almost everyone
  • Non-surgical procedure; does not damage existing hair follicles
  • Low risk procedure; no recovery period required
  • All natural and permanent improvements
  • Can be done simultaneously with PRP Cosmetics treatments
  • No downtime; treatment time is short, and non-intensive for most of people


  • We will have a detail talk to you before the treatment, assess the levels to your hair loss and subscribe you to a suitable treatment plan. Hair loss will slow down immediately after treatments and new hair growth will be observed a few weeks after.
  • We recommend 3 treatments with monthly intervals. More sessions might be recommended for desired results. It is completely safe to perform as many sessions as desired at monthly intervals.
  • Our client service team will do regular follow up to ensure we have all your questions answered, and you have achieved your ultimate goals eventually.

Photo credit to Village Dermatologist
Photo credit to Village Dermatologist