Laser Tattoo Removal

by Kan

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Safely and effectively removes tattoos without burning or scarring.

Faster and less intensive way to remove unwanted tattoos, our laser machine will remove tattoos without the need to use dermabrasion and reduce the damage to the skin.


  • Most tattoos can be removed completely with repeated sessions
  • Safer and less painful for the client compares to traditional lasers
  • Will not cause extensive skin damage
  • Recovery period is relatively quick
  • Effective absorption of melanin
  • Depending on the treatment areas, minimal or no downtime to go back to your daily activities


  • We will prescribe treatments suitable for your tattoo and skin condition, as well as provide you with follow-up skin care tips and advice.
  • Treatment will be based of individuals circumstances and can be repeated every 2 months until satisfied with the results
  • Avoid direct sunlight, treatment areas must be supplemented with SPF 50+ sunscreen when outside or exposed to the sun.
  • Avoid submerging the treated areas underwater in the short term.
  • For complete details please consult one of our professional experts.