Laser Hair Removal

by Kan

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Little effort to reduce body hair, comfortably.

The Clarity offers a superior cooling system for increased comfort. The Hybrid Cooling system, along with the multiple spot sizes to choose from, ensures a comfortable and quick treatment to reduce the unwanted hair. Number of treatments is determined by hair condition and skin type.


  • Safe, effective, no downtime
  • Low discomfort, less pain
  • Semi-permanent to permanent hair removal 


  • Treatment usually takes less than 1 hour depends on the size of the treatment area.
  • You can expect 80% body hair reduction after multiple treatments. We recommend at least 6 to 10 sessions with 4 to 8 weeks intervals.
  • You may resume normal activities right after the treatment, it does not interfere with study, work or daily activities. However, we do recommend you to avoid working out for one day after the treatment.
  • Our tailored customer service team will give your more post treatment care instructions and help you along the way.