BOTOX® /DYSPORT® Facial Slimming

by Kan

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Facial sculpting that gives you the face shape that you always wanted.

FDA approved BOTOX™ and DYSPORT™, relaxing the masseter muscle to become less bulky. You can have your “V-shaped” face in just a few weeks without any surgery!



  • Safe and natural
  • Non-surgical, one-time solution
  • Reduces the look of a round/square face with chubby cheeks
  • Get V-shaped face that you always dreamed about
  • Durable result



  • Treatment time is short, and non-intensive
  • You may resume normal activities right after the treatment, it does not interfere with study, work or daily activities. However, we do recommend you to avoid pressing, or eating food and snacks that you need to bite/chew hard.
  • We will have a detail talk to you before the treatment to get your tailored treatment plan based on your profile, one follow-up session is needed in 6-8 weeks to ensure treatment outcome is as desired.
  • Our client service team will regularly follow up after each treatment, we want you to rest assured before and after you get your ultimate perfect face shape!