Your Beauty Starts Here

Kan Medical Spa is a high-end cosmetic beauty club located in North York, Toronto. We specialize in a full range of deep skin beauty and body plastic solutions. Combining the latest medical equipment with a mature medical team, we offer the most professional skin testing, unique custom treatments, and thoughtful customer tracking services for valued customers.

High-standard is our only standard

Medical-grade Solution

In order to meet the needs of any age and different types of customers, Kan Medical Spa offers professional medical grade skin testing solutions combined with one-stop non-surgical medical cosmetic services including

► Laser hair removal

► BTL ultrasonic knife lipolysis

► Water light needles

► Nutritional needles

► Whitening needles

► Hyaluronic acid injections

► PRP serum

► Gold Micro-needle

and other beauty treatments.

Various Skin & Hair Care Services

We also have professional skin and hair care services, including

► gold skin rejuvenation

► cherry skin rejuvenation

► black magnet skin

► rejuvenation

► negative ion hair care

► nourishing essence

► introduction

and many other targeted skin care programs.

A Place for Beauty & Health

We not only focus on providing advanced medical cosmetic solutions, but also provide clients with professional lectures and consultations on natural remedies.

We work closely with natural medicine doctors to provide our valued customers with healthy and effective solutions including

► autoimmune diseases

► chronic fatigue

► neurological diseases

► digestive disorders

► hormone imbalances

► skin diseases and cancers

Anything For You, Darling

Kan Medical Spa offers our valued clients a range of solutions for everyday skin care, including

► skin care courses

► professional beauty courses

► eyelashes

► eyebrows

► etc.

We also offer a half-day fast and beautiful set that will allow you to party, wedding, a series of important occasions such as entertainment, become the most shining star.

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